TextMarks API V2 - AutoDoc: Anybody / reset_password()

Method: reset_password() (POST) - Send new PIN to phone (for lost passwords)

Package: Anybody - Public data and methods for pre- or anonymous users (... View package)


Req? Name Type Description Test
REQ api_key API Key API Key (Register here)
REQ phone Phone# Phone# of user who lost password



  • A user who lost/forgot their password can use this function to reset and send a new PIN to their phone.
  • User can then log in using phone# and new PIN, regaining access to account, and may then change password to something meaningful.
  • The PIN or password created and sent by this method can be used immediately to authenticate to TextMarks. See the RegisteredUser.login() method.
  • The API Key may optionally provide context for templatizing the SMS messages sent.
  • This call may only be made on a user 2 times in a 24hr period, else error #2022 (ERR_REQUEST_OVER_LIMIT).
  • If a user has never authenticated to TextMarks, they are considered unregistered and will result in error #2012 (ERR_REQUEST_INVALID_USER). In these situations you should use Anybody.register_user() instead.


JSON response.head.rescode==0 for success, or error code otherwise.
JSON-P callback: (as 'jsonp' param, optional) (blank for none)


POST http://help.api2.textmarks.com//Anybody/reset_password/


This page documents a single API function reset_password() within the Anybody package of the TextMarks Text Message API.
You may use the interactive form above to invoke this function and observe its actual JSON response.

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