TextMarks API V2 - AutoDoc: Anybody / send_demo_message()

Method: send_demo_message() (POST) - Send a preset demo message to a phone

Package: Anybody - Public data and methods for pre- or anonymous users (... View package)


Req? Name Type Description Test
REQ api_key API Key API Key (Register here)
REQ tm TextMark TextMark context, owned by API Key user
REQ phone Phone# Phone# to send demo msg to



  • This advanced method may be used to demonstrate alert functionality on 3rd party sites, such as to allow a user to see what a generic alert looks like on their own phone prior to signing up.
  • The phone# specified is sent a preset text message.
    • The message is associated with the API Key used.
    • Contact TextMarks support with your demo message if you would like to use this feature.
    • If the API Key specific has no demo message, error #2021 (ERR_REQUEST_ACCESS_DENIED).
  • The TextMark tm is for context only.
    • Must be owned by the same user as the API Key is registered to.
    • If the TextMark is ad-free, the demo message will also be ad-free, and one credit willbe consumed.
  • For sending regular alerts to group members, see GroupLeader.send_one_message(), etc.
  • Additional throttling:
    • For a specific phone#: 1x per 24hr, else receive error #2022 (ERR_REQUEST_OVER_LIMIT).
    • From a specific IP address: 250x per 24hr, else receive error #2022 (ERR_REQUEST_OVER_LIMIT).


JSON response.head.rescode==0 for success, or error code otherwise.
JSON-P callback: (as 'jsonp' param, optional) (blank for none)


POST http://help.api2.textmarks.com//Anybody/send_demo_message/


This page documents a single API function send_demo_message() within the Anybody package of the TextMarks Text Message API.
You may use the interactive form above to invoke this function and observe its actual JSON response.

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