TextMarks API V2 - AutoDoc: GroupLeader / reschedule_broadcasts()

Method: reschedule_broadcasts() (POST) - Batch upload and replace all scheduled broadcast alerts on keyword

Package: GroupLeader - Broadcast and manage messages and members (... View package)


Req? Name Type Description Test
REQ auth_user User User account / phone# used for login
REQ auth_pass Password Password
REQ tm TextMark TextMark group led by auth_user
REQ format String Format of broadcasts specified
REQ broadcasts Text Raw data representing all scheduled broadcasts
OPT api_key API Key API Key (Register here)



  • This method removes and replaces all scheduled broadcast to all members of your TextMark group.
  • To send an immediate broadcast and for more information about broadcasting messages, see the broadcast_message() method of this API package.
  • See schedule_broadcast() for the simple way to schedule a single broadcast without affecting others, as well as more documentation on how scheduled broadcasts work.
  • See scheduled_broadcasts() to list currently scheduled broadcasts.
  • See unschedule_broadcast() to cancel scheduled alerts.
  • This method works in conjunction with the scheduled_broadcasts() method with csv format to download and upload documents representing all scheduled alerts. See that method for format examples, etc.
  • Broadcasts format is specified with format.
    CSV format with each scheduled broadcast on a separate line. As returned by scheduled_broadcasts().
  • Only up to 500 broadcasts may be handled by this method, or receive error #2022 (ERR_REQUEST_OVER_LIMIT), and no changes will be made.
  • If the time parameters are invalid or in the past or alerts are too frequent, receive error #2010 (ERR_REQUEST_INVALID_PARAMS), and no changes will be made.


JSON response.head.rescode==0 for success, or error code otherwise.
JSON-P callback: (as 'jsonp' param, optional) (blank for none)


POST http://help.api2.textmarks.com//GroupLeader/reschedule_broadcasts/


This page documents a single API function reschedule_broadcasts() within the GroupLeader package of the TextMarks Text Message API.
You may use the interactive form above to invoke this function and observe its actual JSON response.

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